SheTek Virtual Conference Session 1: Continued Learning for Tech Careers and Beyond

July 23, 2020 11 AM – 2 PM EDT


Shetek Virtual Conference Session 1

Where are you on your lifelong learning journey? How are you preparing yourself for continuing to learn over the course of your tech career? Have you ever wanted to ask expert women in tech how they find time to stay current? Want to connect with others who believe in the joy of learning?

Join us for the SheTek Virtual Conference Session 1: Continued Learning for Tech Careers and Beyond! We’ll host an engaging panel exploring learning and education moderated by Judith Sheft, Executive Director at the NJ Commission on Science, Innovation, and Technology. Joining Judith for this panel will be Gale Tenen Spak, Ph.D., President of Build Their Future, LLC, and retired Associate Vice President of Continued and Distance Learning at NJIT, and Katherine Kish, Executive Director at Einstein’s Alley. These remarkable women will answer your questions about the value continued learning brings to a tech career and how you can be sure you’re applying your learning time in the best places.

Rounding out our Virtual Conference will be participatory breakout sessions where you can choose to engage in wellness and self-care, dive deep into our panel topics for a follow-up discussion, or increase your leadership skills with a special workshop by Pattie Grimm. We’ll also host a unique networking session to connect you with others in tech around the United States.

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