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My name is Vanessa Grainger and I attended the SheTek Instructional Design Bootcamp. The Bootcamp helped my tech career because it broadened my education in the Instructional Design industry. I would recommend SheTek because the SheTek team was extremely supportive and provided a thorough training program.

Vanessa Grainger

“My name is Swati Dave and I attended the SheTek Instructional Design Bootcamp. The Bootcamp helped my tech career because the course gave me a good understanding of Instructional Design concepts which I intend to apply in my work life.  

I would recommend SheTek because of their sincere efforts to help women advance in the tech world.” 

Swati Dave

“When I moved from India to the United States, I decided to make a career transition to Data Analytics. Since I had a break from my IT career for a few years, initially everything, especially resume writing, completing job applications, interviews, etc. were a challenge for me.
During that time, I joined SheTek and started getting a lot of help and support. SheTek provided so many inspiring and informative webinars, resources to learn, and even an introductory course for Data Curation. The mock interviews and mentor sessions boosted my confidence even more. SheTek’s motivational webinars and the encouragement from the SheTek Community helped me secure the position of “IT Data Analyst” at Goodwill Industries. “

Biji Mathew

“The SheTek Data Curator Bootcamp was a great opportunity for me to pick up new skills in Tableau and Power BI.  The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and the resources provided after the sessions were incredibly useful. I really enjoyed the excellently run networking events and got some great tips from the job preparation events.  All in all, a very positive experience.”

Elsa Ekevall

“I attended the SheTek Data Curator Bootcamp during the Spring 2021 Cohort.
The Data Curator Bootcamp helped my tech career because it has helped me gain more knowledge, understanding and experience in the tools needed for my dream career in data science and analytics.
One thing that stood out to me was the privilege to talk to experienced coaches who have and are currently making a big difference in the field in most of the leading companies. The one-on-one interview sessions on how to go ahead with data curation, data analytics and data science interviews really boosted my confidence. There are more opportunities in this field and the SheTek Bootcamp is the right place to be.
I would recommend the Shetek Data Curator Bootcamp to any critical and analytical-minded person who would like to gain skills and experience in the field of data science and analytics.”

Andy Fordjour

How Has SheTek Helped You?

“The SheTek Community has provided me with insight through seminars and webinars. I have noted actionable strategies, tools, and resources to enhance my future career search. I will be diving in getting my feet wet, knowing I have lifeguards in the tech industry to keep me afloat, and once they release me on my own, I will be able to safely swim safely to shore.”

Beverly Cooper, SheTek Member

“Working at SheTek has given me many opportunities to grow my career. I’m recognized for my existing skills, and I feel like an important part of SheTek’s mission. I’m meeting powerful female leaders in the technology industry, which inspires me every day. I feel lucky to be a part of the solution of filling the gap in the technology pipeline with SheTek.”

Meg Barbolini Virag

What is it like being an Intern for SheTek at PamTen?
“Being a strong proponent of women in technology, it was really exciting working for SheTek to create opportunities for women in the technology field. SheTek is an initiative of PamTen. While doing my research, I could see how the gender gap in technology is going to pose a huge threat in the future and how companies like PamTen are helping to narrow this gap. Everyone here was very supportive and I enjoyed working and learning here. I wish all the best to SheTek in forwarding its mission. Thank you for letting me be a part of your team.”

Arundhati Sinha

What’s it like being an extern at PamTen?
“I’m a sophomore at Douglas Residential College at Rutgers University. This past week I’ve been Externing at PamTen and I’ve had the unique opportunity to be a part of the SheTek Launch. I’ve also enjoyed learning about the business and IT Fields. I’ve learned so much about the initiatives that PamTen and Chaya Pamula (CEO) are starting for Women in Technology. Thank you for having me here to be a part of it.”

Ashvi Shah

What’s it like being an extern at PamTen?
“I’m a sophomore at Douglas Residential College at Rutgers University. I’ve been Externing at PamTen for the past week and I’ve really enjoyed being here for the launch of SheTek. I’ve learned to be more open minded about the opportunities in the IT and Business fields. Thank you for having me here at PamTen.”

June Stochel

  • Minority Business Enterprise Certified
  • NMSDC MBE certified
  • Inc 5000