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If you’re in the market for a new job in tech, you’ve undoubtedly seen the huge need for data scientists. Data science is one of the hottest fields right now with hundreds of new roles added every day. Even better, these roles are often highly paid, with the average median salary for a US-based data scientist topping $113,000 (Glassdoor). Data scientists also report a high degree of satisfaction with their jobs, which makes this career path a great choice for data-minded women in tech. 

There are a few ways to get started in the data science track. If you’re still in school, the most common fields of study for data scientists are mathematics and statistics, followed by computer science and engineering. Once you’ve got your degree, you can pursue training in specific skillsets. 

If you’re already out of school, you can still have a career in data science. According to SheTek’s research, 80% of women currently in tech in the US didn’t start their careers there. There are numerous certificates that will help you get a data science job. You’ll find certifications for machine learning, applied data sciences with SQL or Python, and even AI engineering. Check out some relevant data science certifications at Coursera – a great resource for anyone looking to learn more in tech. 

80% of women have not yet started their career in technology

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If you don’t want to pursue a career in a data science, you’ll still benefit from applying data scientists’ technical skills. One of the most important technical skills in today’s job market is data analytics. Since most roles touch data in some way, your ability to analyze and draw conclusions from that data will set you apart from the pack. Improve your job prospects by learning Google Analytics, SQL, or Tableau. Your future employers will be impressed with your insights. 

Data science careers are no different from other paths when it comes to soft skills. Perhaps the most important soft skill for a data-driven role is your writing skills. When you work with data, drawing a conclusion is only the first part of solving the problem. You’ll then need to write a report or create a presentation to illustrate your insights and deliver your results to key stakeholders. Your ability to work with others is also key in data-driven roles. Your leadership and relationship-building skills are essential when it comes time to make data-driven decisions.  

When you can interpret, analyze, and report on data effectively, you’ll be a prime candidate for data science roles. Check out the SheTek Careers page for a sneak peek at some of the most in-demand qualifications for data-driven jobs, and to apply for new roles in the data science field. Data science is an ever-evolving field, and you have the capacity to succeed in this rewarding sphere.

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