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Inclusion and Equal Pay Are Part of the Equation

Last week we talked about “Retention Strategies to Build a Gender Diverse IT Workforce,” a recent Gartner study that had shocking but not surprising results. The research, led by Gartner analysts Debra Logan and Carol Rozwell, revealed that women in technology leave...

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How Do We Stop the Female Flight Risk?

A recent study by global research and advisory firm, Gartner, shows that women leave technology jobs at “twice the rate of their male counterparts”. By the time they reach the midpoint of their careers, 56% have dropped out. With more than half leaving, it’s easy to...

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Inspiring Women Of Tech History

Women have been an integral part of the IT field from its inception. The part they’ve played in the growth of the industry should not be forgotten. To ensure they are highlighted and remembered, we’ve been featuring some of the amazing women that have led the way and...

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